Lost Season 6, Episode 11 – My thoughts…

Wow….. This was a really good episode…

Charlie! Faraday! Desmond! Penny! 😀

So, Desmond is special; something we’ve known for a while, but we don’t know why or in what respect really. From this episode it seems as though being special in Lost is having the ability to survive huge amounts of electromagnetism (which he’s done in the past) and that would fry a normal person (literally, as we saw).
Somehow then, when exposed to large amounts of electromagnetism, his consciousness is affected (yet again, we’ve seen this before), but this time his consciousness is sent to the alternate world; a world where he’s Widmore’s best aide but doesn’t have Penny and is instead assigned with babysitting alterna-Charlie.

Whilst there he meets George, the limo driver, who was of course Minkowski; the communications dude from the freighter, Daniel Faraday Widmore; who is a musician in this dimension and yet woke up and wrote some quantum mechanics that gave him the idea that this isn’t their real lives and that he might have already set off a nuclear bomb, and Penny; after Charlie or the MRI machine allowed him to see his love from the other timeline just as Charlie did.

Sooooo…. I wonder what Desmond wants the 815 manifest for? And who he needs to show it to? He said “I just need to show them something.” Hmmmm. *See end*

Also, when Desmond regained consciousness (after only a few seconds, apparently), he seemed to know exactly what Widmore’s plan was and wanted to go along with it, but then why did he go with Sayid so willingly?
I assume Widmore’s plan, other than to get rid of the smoke monster, is also to sort out the fact that there are two different realities, and that one shouldn’t exist??

Elouise still somehow knows what the fuck is going on in the other timeline and says Desmond can’t go looking for Penny because he’s not ready yet…. WHA? Also, “Someone has clearly affected the way you see things” she says to Desmond…. and then “This is a serious problem. It is, in fact, a violation.” WTF? A violation of what?

Widmore had a painting of a balance scale with white stones on one side and black on the other, LOL; he’s always had interesting stuff in his office before, but this one was definitely shoved in our collective faces.


Oh yeah, next weeks episode is called “Everybody Loves Hugo”… there was an ep in season 2 called “Everybody Hates Hugo”, FYI.
*Additional thought* It’s just occurred to me that Desmond is probably referring to the passengers of 815 as “them” and that he’s likely going to show them what Charlie did him — a glimpse into the other dimension? Thoughts?

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