Lost Season 6, Episode 14 – My thoughts…

Sad episode…. 😦

Well, it seems as though Mocke has finally shown his true intentions — to kill all the candidates; perhaps everyone who is on the island. Whether that’s what he has to do in order to get off the island, or just because he wants to, it seems clear he has evil intentions – right in line with our initial opinion of him.

In this episode he managed to kill off 3 main characters (perhaps 4, we don’t know about Lapedus, though I think it’s likely he’s gone too). Sayid redeemed himself by running off with the bomb in order to save others. Unfortunately, Sun got trapped, Jin maintained his promise to never leave her and they both drowned! 😦

Kate’s been shot — though seemed perfectly fine on the beach miraculously. I’m still curious as to why she isn’t a candidate… she isn’t the only one who’s killed — Sawyer has and he is a candidate.

Before Sayid runs off to sacrifice himself he tells Jack that he’s gonna need Desmond and when Jack asks why he’s telling him that, he responds with “because it’s going to be you.” — Somewhat cryptic, but I assume Desmond told him that Jack is going to be the Candidate and he’ll be able to help somehow. Plus he was the only one who knew about Des and we need to see him again!

Ben, Richard and Miles — Where’d they go? Was it them who put the C4 on the plane or Widmore?

Alterna-Jack said “I think you’re a candidate” to Locke. Heh. Locke was dreaming about pushing the button & said “I wish you had believed me” — what he wrote to Jack in his suicide note. Later, when trying to convince Locke that he can help, Jack says “I wish you believed me”; it almost seems as though Locke remembers something then. Interesting parallels, that’s all.

Well…. there are 2 episodes left then the 2.5 hour finale! It was originally planned to be just 2 hours, but I guess they crammed so much in it got extended. Awesome. But sad.
Next week’s episode is called “Across the Sea”.


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