Lost Season 6, Episode 15 – My thoughts…


I didn’t think that was great…. Sure, it confirmed that the kid Mocke (and some others, Sawyer, for instance) have seen in the jungle is a young Jacob, and we finally found out who “Adam and Eve” were — well, not exactly their names…. Jacob’s brother doesn’t seem to have a name and the woman was, well, that crazy woman who raised Jacob & his bro.

But…. did we find out anything else? Not really. The smoke monster came out of the weird light-cave after the MiB got thrown in and then I assume it took on the form of the man in black since his body was available?

Did the mother actually speak Latin, Spanish and English or was something weird going on there?

Who were these boat people? How did they (with the help of MiB) create the system that is attached to the frozen donkey wheel that moves the island in time…. Who completed that system between then and the 1900’s?

The crazy foster-mother made it so Jacob and his brother couldn’t hurt each other… Right. Erm. Didn’t Jacob knock out the MiB and throw him into the river resulting in him dying? And didn’t Jacob lay a few punches on his brother earlier in the episode? WTF.

So…. It doesn’t explain why the smoke monster had to take the form of Locke and make Ben kill Jacob — where did those rules come from?

Why couldn’t the MiB find the stream with the light? Yet Jacob could take him there..?

Gah. Too many questions came out of this episode; and very few answers. Here’s hoping next week’s episode, the penultimate “What They Died For” is better. Then it’s the 2.5 hour long finale on Sunday.


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