Bungie Day – 2010

So! Tomorrow is the 7th of July. That makes it Bungie Day. The 7th day of the 7th month, you see. Yeah, they like the number 7.

This year there isn’t a list of shiny Bungie-stuff you’ll be getting. No theme, no DLC, it doesn’t even seem as though there’s gonna be a Bungie Day playlist in Halo 3.

Though, there was a mention of Bungie day in last week’s update:

Stop by yourself next week for some colorful Bungie Day love. We’ll keep our pants on. I promise.*

See you soon.

*Pants not guaranteed.

Makes me slightly worried about the sort of Love they’ll be dealing out…
Even if we don’t even get a podcast, who are we to complain, they’re finishing Reach! It comes out in 69 days (September 14th).

Edit: Check out this page where you can download the video below in HD.
New stuff…. CONFIRMED! 🙂

I shall be spending tomorrow playing Halo 3 (hopefully copious amounts). You should do the same.


Unless something interesting happens 🙂


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