Lost Season 4, Episode 5 – My thoughts

Well, in a pattern-confirming move, Episode 5 was awesome. I have now come to the conclusion that Desmond episodes are always good.

Desmond - The Constant

So, pretty much the whole episode was dedicated to Desmond [& Penny] and a rather interesting load of Mind-Fuckery.

See, like the last Desmond episode, this was all about time travel. Though, not entirely – only Desmonds consious was switching between 1996 and the present [which on the island is 2004]. This, as Faraday explained was caused by a combination of exposure to electro-magnetism or radiation and going from or to the island [of which Desmond has had the former on both matters]. During this explanation, Faraday tells Desmond to go and find him in 1996.

Aand, I can’t remember what else I was going to say since I started writing this over a week ago….

The phone call between Penny and Desmond was nice. But the episode raised some serious questions about Widmore – I mean, he bought the Black Rock’s journal! He knows about the island!

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