Lost Season 5, Episode 5 – My thoughts…


Spoilers follow if you haven’t seen it

I can’t think of a great deal to say about this episode….. and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not. It was an ok episode…. but it definitely had the feeling that it’s leading on to bigger things.

Charlotte’s dead! I’m sure lots of people don’t care. But I had warmed to her character, especially with Daniel’s feelings for her…. it’s a little sad. And she confirmed that she was born on the island.

Still… there’s every chance that she’ll be seen again since it’s Lost.

As for Ben…. he’s one step forward, but two back. He’s got Sun on his side but now he’s lost [pun not intended] Kate & Sayid… and he is yet to go after Hurley.

Ben’s little rant in the van was good; Michael’s an amazing actor in my opinion; and you’re never sure of his intentions as a character.

Desmond had a small role in this episode…. but he’s now found Faraday’s mother…. and found out that it’s that old woman who told him about ‘course-correction’ waaay back in season 3!

Now that Locke has moved the wheel (or put it back on its axis)…. do you suppose they are stuck in whatever time period they were in last? That could be interesting….. perhaps explaining Faraday in the first episode being in the same time as Dr Candle when Dharma was in full swing?

Anyway… since I can’t think of anything else though I know there is more, I’ll leave you with this:

“Say hello to my son.”

“Who’s your son?”christian-shephard-s05e05/

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