AppleCare – Is it worth it? I think so.

Have you ever found yourself wondering whether that AppleCare you purchased was worth the money — I know I would have if I’d had to pay the full price (fortunately as a student it was only around £40). Or perhaps you’re about to buy a mac and you’re wondering whether you should get AppleCare for it.

Before I get started, I should mention that AppleCare is just Apple’s name for the 3 year guarantee extension (giving you a total of 3 years protection) offered for Mac computers.

From my mac experience, getting AppleCare was definitely worth it; and that would still apply if I had to pay the full price of (£273) here’s why:

I’ve had 2 replacement batteries – they would have cost nearly £200; and just recently I had the logic board of my MacBook Pro replaced due to the video card being defective and something else that was wrong with the EFI firmware. That last repair would have cost me a whopping £870.70! I could buy a new mac for that much!!

As I pointed out on twitter, after this last repair my mac came back looking a whole lot better than when I took it in. I had replaced the hard drive myself (which with my model isn’t a user-servicable part) and not really put the case back together properly. In fact, I had broken a section of the case above the DVD drive and it bulged out.
Rather nicely, that’s been fixed, and the screw I lost during the process has been replaced. Also, one of the feet that keep the laptop off of a table had come off at some point.
That hadn’t been replaced when I picked up my computer, so I mentioned it before leaving. The guy popped out to the back of the store and my computer came back with all 4 feet. Awesome.

So yeah. To sum up…. it’s definitely worth getting AppleCare. And by the way, you can get it at anytime during your mac’s first year of standard coverage; you don’t have to get it at the same time.


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