Lost Season 6 Premiere – My thoughts…

Wow. That was…. umm…. WHAT WAS THAT!? Awesome, yeah. But what was going on!? Spoilers follow if you haven’t seen this episode.

Kate's eye S06E01

So, Juliet said “It worked” — did it? Barring Juliet herself [:(], they’re all alive on the island. Yet they’re also all alive on the alternate-Oceanic 815; as are some people who died on-island i.e. Boone & Charlie…. Hmm

Like last season’s premiere, it’s certainly an episode that needs others to explain what’s happening.

There were quite a few differences on the alternate/plane side of things; Hurley being lucky for one, that’s the exact opposite of the Hurley we know. It seems as though Jack knows something’s a little wrong, just based on how he looked closely at himself in the mirror. Dunno what that’s about at this point, but none of them seem to have conscious knowledge of their alternate life.

One of the strangest things about the alternative-dimension (whatever it is…) was that the island is deep underwater….. (But there’s still a Dharma shark swimming around). Very odd indeed.

Jack Kate Jin & Hurley

Ruh Roh, Hurley's wearing red :S

Hurley was quite awesome in the beginning part of the episode. Providing a laugh too with his inability to use the gun.

Is that Sayid or is it Jacob in his body?? Either way, ending the episode with him saying “What happened?” must’ve had a lot of people thinking ‘Good question’.

So…. They’ve got a lot of explaining to do with just the stuff they introduced in this episode. Let alone the stuff from other seasons. Next weeks episode is called “What Kate Does”

Hmph. Well, I’m eagerly awaiting next weeks episode; and I’ll certainly be thinking some more about this episode… Hopefully next weeks episode will clarify the situation a little. Until then, then.


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