Lost Season 6, Episode 3 – My thoughts…

Hmph. Not a great deal went on in this episode…

Kate & Claire

Well… that was pretty uneventful. Turns out Kate doesn’t do a great deal 😛

So, Sayid’s been claimed by, erm, “darkness” & island-Claire too. Well, that’s that dude’s theory anyway. It seems as though the infection is somehow associated with the Temple; assuming this is the same thing…. Doesn’t really make sense though there are certainly more pressing questions that will hopefully be answered.

It’s rather weird that people seem bound to do similar things in the alternate dimension-thing… Claire has to raise her baby, Ethan is the one injecting her with drugs, Claire somehow knowing what to call her son…

Claire was stupidly trusting of Kate considering she just had a gun held at her and the taxi driver [who valiantly ran off :P]. I suppose it’s related to the fact that they still seem connected somehow.

Sawyer was understandably down in this episode and it had him resenting ‘Sayid’ or who/whatever that is…. Unsure about what exactly Kate was crying about on the dock though. There’s multiple possibilities.Sayid & Dogen

Attempting to poison ‘Sayid’ — why not just come out and kill him? They can’t possibly pass off giving him the tablet and claiming it was a mistake he died. Seems pretty stupid. Either way they’d lose whatever small amount of trust the Losties have for these randomers, who are yet to explain themselves in the slightest.

I wonder why it’s so important that Sawyer returns to the temple..?

Something strange about this episode: the date on Claire’s ultrasound was 10-22-2004; The Oceanic 815 we’re most familiar with crashed on 09-22-2004…. Hmm. I wonder how that happened?

Here’s hoping next week’s “The Substitute” is a little more action-packed… or WTF-packed….. [Can I hope for answer-packed?]


“You’re not a zombie, right?” 😀

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