Lost Season 6, Episode 9 – My thoughts…

This was a goooooood episode. Almost entirely a flashback…

…Which gave us Richards back-story and, inevitably the back story of the Black Rock since he came on it.

So, if Richard doesn’t stop the man in black, they all go to hell…. I wonder if that means he’ll release his darkness upon the world or just the people on the island will go to hell? The bottle analogy would suggest it’s the former.
Speaking of that bottle analogy…. WTF!? The island is a cork for evil/darkness in the world? Colour me confused.

Yet again, if you want to kill either Jacob or the man in black it seems you can’t allow him to talk to you first…? Weirdly though, when the man in black found and used his loophole in Ben, Jacob talked to him before he had a dagger plunged into his chest… Hmm.

The man in black wasn’t even in his own body before he took Locke’s form…. WHA!? Jacob took his body apparently.

I wonder how Illana has been preparing for the need to protect the remaining 6 candidates??

Jacob’s been trying to prove the man in black wrong by bringing people to the island and hoping they do good things. Conversely, the man in black has been sitting back and observing how he was right, since the people he brought to the island didn’t do good things. Perhaps that has something to do with the loophole? He brought Ben to the island and he killed Jacob..? I don’t know!

Lots of questions were posed by this episode, but I suppose we got answers to a few. For instance, how the Black Rock ended up in the middle of the island — Apparently it was a fuck-off tidal wave which propelled the ship through the statue and left it in the middle of the island…. Who knew!? 😛

Well, next week’s episode is called “The Package” and I am, as always looking forward to it.


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