Lost Season 6, Episode 10 – My thoughts…

A fairly good episode, but I’m more eager for next weeks now….

Initial thoughts: DESMOND!!!!! 🙂 Yay.

Sooooo, Mocke needs all the candidates with him in order to leave the island!? Iiiinteresting. Don’t see it happening at the moment though.

When I heard Mikhail’s name I immediately thought “I wonder if he has both eyes?”… Well, he did. But not for long lololol.

Sun getting shot… I’m assuming she’s not going to die since there seems to be a balance or something between the two realities. So far most who’ve died on island have died in the other reality too.

And since I’m unable to think of anything else for this episode when there definitely is more to talk about I’ll leave you with my first thought again. DESMOND’s finally back!
Up next is “Happily Ever After”.


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