Breaking Bad Season 5, Episode 9 – My Thoughts…

First of the final 8…Breaking Bad S5E9 Walt at the Car Wash

It was pretty damn amazing!
We start out watching some kids skating around a pool, initially it looks random, until the angle changes and we realise they’re skating around the White residence’s pool/yard. The whole place has been emptied out and fenced off by the city, “Heisenberg” graffitied on the living room wall. (Walt saying “Hello Carol” was somewhat chilling, and awesome)

Breaking Bad S5E9 Walt outside the boarded-up house We’re shortly after the flash forward where we see Walt buying the gun, and it turns out he’s come to get the poison from behind the outlet. Multiple people to be dealt with then..?

Back to the present, largely we’re seeing Hank freak out having realised Walt is Heisenberg, leading to him having a panic attack on the way home and finally a confrontation between the two in Hank’s garage.

Hank “doesn’t give a shit about family”, and wants to see Walt rot in prison, but Walt argues that his cancer’s back, so there’s no point in going to the effort of “proving” he’s Heisenberg. Don’t think Hank’s gonna stand for that.
Hank’s warned to “Tread lightly”.

Breaking Bad S5E9 Walt and Hank confrontation

Meanwhile Jesse is spiralling, trying anything to get rid of the blood money, eventually resorting to driving down the road and throwing out stacks of cash like a paper-boy.
He’s finally lost whatever little faith he had in Walt and doesn’t believe his bullshit anymore, knowing Mike’s dead, and that Walt probably did it. Though it seems from that scene as though Walt kinda believes his own BS a lot of the time.

7 left, and I sure hope they all contain at least this much awesome.


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