Breaking Bad Season 5, Episode 10 – My thoughts…

Breaking Bad S5E10 Hank in the diner

This episode was a little lacklustre if you compare it directly with last weeks, but overall a fair bit happened.
I really like how the episode picked right up from where we left, just as last weeks did — Jesse reached the end of the street, stopped throwing cash out of the window and abandoned his car in a park to go spinning around on the merry-go-round.

Breaking Bad S5E10 Hank looming over Jesse

Unfortunately one of the cash recipients decides to call the cops and he ends up in an interrogation room again. Alas, the episode tantalisingly ends before we get to see Hank start on Jesse.
As much as he seems to hate Walt, I find it hard to believe he’d implicate him for it — Hank is definitely going to think Jesse was Walt’s partner though, so I’m eagerly awaiting to see that scene and what comes of it next week…

As for Walt, we pick up with him leaving Hank’s garage, and there’s a moment where he & Hank stand off again, with both men having twinging trigger fingers.Breaking Bad S5E10 Walt standoffWalt then panics and realises Hank’s going straight for Skylar, so he arranges for his huge cash pile to be fetched from storage — queue scene of Huell and that other guy lying on a huge stack of cash 😛
Walt then buries the cash in the desert, taking a GPS with him to get the coordinates; which he encoded in a rather cool way I thought — he buys a lotto ticket with the same numbers. (Cool easter egg – the coordinates are of the Albuquerque studios, plus look it up on Google maps, DEA buildings and Dr. EA Swede haha – map screenshot)

Breaking Bad S5E10 Walt crashed on the bathroom floor

Walt made it back home after the hard work of burying the money only to crash and fall onto the bathroom floor. He surprisingly learns that Skyler didn’t make a deal with Hank, and that she even has a suggestion on their approach towards him — Stay Quiet — I’m guessing this is largely because she doesn’t want to end up in jail, rather than because she actually cares about Walt.

Hank doesn’t have enough evidence (yet), and as we see, he knows it’s the last thing he’ll do as a fed; once he goes in, he won’t be DEA anymore — far too much shame for it to have been his brother-in-law all that time.

I was kinda surprised we got to see into the meth operation still — Lydia had Colonel Young (have no idea what that guy’s name was, but Stargate Universe!) and his men killed off because they weren’t making pure enough meth. Lydia’s turning into Walt from the beginning of the show! I guess maybe she’s gonna continue trying to get Walt to cook again? Can’t really see why we needed to see this just yet.

Now to while away the days until next week’s episode.



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