Breaking Bad Season 5, Episode 11 – My thoughts…

Breaking Bad S5E11 Walt Skylar Hank Marie Bloody cliffhangers!

Hot damn, Jesse. I really didn’t want this episode to end where it did! I wonder if he’s going to set the place on fire though — it doesn’t look fire damaged in the future glimpses we’ve seen. Perhaps he’s the one who graffiti’s Heisenberg on the wall though?

Breaking Bad S5E11 Jesse petrolSo, Jesse was already pissed about the dirt-bike kid being killed, but Walt slipped out of direct blame for that one; now Jesse knows Walt was the one who poisoned Brock though, thanks to Huell & Saul slipping the weed out of his pocket. No new life in Alaska for him.
I wonder if that’s enough for him to start working with Hank / the DEA? At very least(!) he’s gonna want to kill Walt again…. or perhaps one of his children?

My name is Walter Hartwell White... This is my confession.

My name is Walter Hartwell White… This is my confession.

Walt seems to have thrown another spanner in the works for Hank — he’s recorded a “confession”, which seems to quite convincingly lay the blame squarely onto Hank for the entire blue meth business, and, much to Hank’s annoyance, point out that drug money paid his medical bills. Very devious.
Given how everyone at the DEA initially thought Hank was pulling it out of his ass when he fingered Fring as the mastermind, this story of Walt’s might pack some serious punch if anyone else sees the tape.

It’s freaking me out that there’s only 5 episodes left! I can envision rage-inducing cliffhangers for 4 of them, just like this one, but we’re apparently going to get some resolution on the whole thing. Fingers crossed.


P.S. This is a worthwhile read about the episode:

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